“What If” We Read This Article?


Shaylee Matthews

Scott Backovich speaking at the assembly to explain the theme of this years What If Week.

During the week of Nov. 12 through Nov. 15, What If Week opened the minds of students to understand that people struggle with in our school and society. The week consisted of four overarching questions and a guest speaker, Scott Backovich, to expand students’ knowledge of a deeper central purpose of students’ leadership.

What If Week is a week for us to reflect on some more serious topics, so we are all more understanding and more connected. Activities occurred throughout the whole week and there were activities in each of third-period classes, all provided by ASB. There were also a few videos shown in the main quad at break and lunch.

Each day had its own activities, all centralized around the theme. On Tuesday, the question asked to the students was “What if we owned our story?” During this day, there was a  painting activity at lunch and a guest speaker in an assembly.

Wednesday’s question was “What if we persevered?” There were close pins with a heart on them passed out during third period.

“What if we started to love?” was Thursday’s question. A video and love hearts were presented in each classroom and clothespins were provided to spread positivity.

On Friday, the question we were asked was “What would happen if we cherished the moment?” Ending the final day of What If Week, students were encouraged to paint picture frames at lunch and there was a video about seniors giving advice to underclassmen presented during third period.