ASB Improves This School Year


This year ASB has upped their game. From the activities they put on three years ago to now, they’ve made them a lot more fun and interactive with the student body.

If you read our first print issue this year, you know about how ASB has amped up Clash of the Classes by bringing games in on Wednesdays and how we now have Rec Days. These are just a couple of examples of how ASB is interacting with us more and trying to make what they’re doing more fun.

I also think the dances (at least so far) are a lot more fun. Granted, I didn’t really go to many dances, but that’s because I went to morP freshman year and didn’t have as much fun as I thought I would. It was boring with three straight hours of dancing with a few water breaks here and there.

But this year, I’ve had a lot of fun at Homecoming. It might be because it’s my senior year or because of the people I was with, but I do think it’s because of the planning. I especially loved how they put games outside on the tables because not everyone likes to dance but still wants to hang out with their friends and enjoy the atmosphere, so this allowed everyone to participate and have a fun time.

Now, what I most want to focus on is What If Week because last year there was an editorial about the activities ASB did during What If Week that ruined the week. For the freshmen that weren’t here to be apart of it, let me tell you that those activities did seem last minute and weren’t all that interactive with the students.

Last week, though, it started off great with the speaker coming in and making me laugh so loud I got people giving me weird looks. And then, ASB came to our third period and gave us pencils that said “own your story” on them. Not all that interactive, but it has a good message about writing your story to own up to it.

And then on Wednesday, they gave us a mini close pin with a heart on it and also put our names outside our third period’s door. I thought that was sweet and inclusive and must’ve taken a while for ASB to do that.

Thursday ASB just came into the class to announce that they’d be giving away fortune cookies at lunch which was disappointing for me since they didn’t give them out during their announcement, but there’s not much I can do about that.

So this year, ASB has really been trying to improve themselves and the school atmosphere, and I’d say that they’re doing a pretty good job.