Letter From the Editors: 48907


Jocelyn Castañeda

A megaphone shouts out the freedom of speech attained from the California Education Code: 48907. The Aztlán staff has begun another year of writing and again promoted the use of code 48907.

These times are like no other. Pandemics, political debates, civil protest, civil unrest, natural disasters and negativity all control our troubled world. We all have something to say. We all have lived through and seen things through many different perspectives. As journalists who put our work out to inform, entertain, and inspire, we aim to create a bond of trust with our audience.

Through the California Education Code 48907, it is the right of any public, student-run newspaper to report on and publish any topic of its choosing so long as it is not explicitly offensive or inappropriate. This law is protection for any student-run newspaper from legal action due to a difference in opinion.

We, The Aztlán staff, commit to writing articles that remain within the boundaries of code 48907. Reporters understand the laws, and editors ensure that none are broken. We understand that this freedom comes with a responsibility to both project our opinions and to not attack any others.

If our opinions remain different from yours, we strongly encourage you to give us feedback and send letters to the editor. After all, this is what journalism is about: starting a discussion within a community.

However, we do have some guidelines that we ask you to follow. The letter must be from a member of the community, be written in 75-150 words, and be signed. With that, we reserve the right to publish any letters sent to us, and they can be subject to editing for length, libel, obscenity and grammar.

We are very excited to produce publications that might just help the students of Esperanza High School and the surrounding community get through these scary times.