Gambling On Government


Image obtained by Google Creative Commons

Even though our nation is full of many people with many different political beliefs, we must come together as one country and stay united.

There’s no right way to do politics. There’s no one opinion everyone shares, and there’s no agreement of what’s morally right. Everyone has their demands and needs for what they think is an appropriate leader.

As one country, no one is together.

This election year, through all it’s toxicity and rampaging of the streets, no one is safe from their own opinion. This election has ruined our generation’s view of politics.

We live among 50 states all held together by a divided government. We all watch as Republican president, Donald Trump, is constantly attacked by the media, but is apparently heavily supported by the silent majority.  The media, not always being the most reliable source of information, is in fact the most reliable source of slander against our president.

The media is also the place for many teens to find their information along with finding their voices. They’re influenced by the negativity and high despair of how the government is being run along with degrading comments to anyone who has an opposing viewpoint. These days, anyone with an opinion that does not run along with the majority, can find themselves ridiculed by not only the so called “Karens” of Facebook but also by their own friends.

People are afraid to voice a liking for Trump or Biden. They’re afraid of their opinion and they’re afraid for their honest physical well being and or categorizing their political stance of whether they lean as a Republican or Democrat.

Young teens and young adults watch as ridiculing, degrading, and slanderish language is being passed around, completely dehumanizing the nominees of this year’s election. Not only do they watch their friends, families and celebrities take on this mannerism but they see President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden fight like cats and dogs through twitter brawls and even recently on the live debate broadcasted on Sept. 29.

It was an embarrassment having two grown men acting like they were in preschool in front of millions of people. American citizens are going to have to rely on one of these men for the next four years to keep them united as a whole country.

How do you decide on which candidate is worth the time while also teaching our generation about politics when the only source they have is watching people spraying pepper spray rather than spewing facts?

How do you learn from fighting?

The whole country is in a war with each other. The young generation was drafted with no other option. They see the brutal side of politics now. The side that no one really understands until they experience it. Instead of guns and death, it’s watching unity fall apart at the hands of fake news, ignorance, immaturity, and people talking more than listening.

It’s truly an embarrassment that the young generation will think politics is about who can make the other look the worse, who has the louder voice on stage, and whoever can get in the last word.

“Will you shut up, man?” says Biden to Trump during the first debate.

Well, shut up to both of you. You’re ruining politics for everyone.