Is Ignorance Really Bliss?


Photo by Jocelyn Castaneda

This world is being completely filled with ignorance lately due to pride and unwillingness to listen to any other side politely. Ignorance causes us to be both deaf and blind to many truths. When this happens, we then metaphorically drive off a cliff that only leads us a step further away from world peace.

We spend our days comparing ourselves to others to keep up an image of ourselves. We spend our days judging others to protect our own reputation. We spend our days looking and rarely listening. We spend our days blinded and isolated to many truths.

Ignorance controls us. If it tells us to judge a person off of what we can physically see on the outside, we’ll do it. If it tells us to assume that someone else’s feelings are insignificant, we’ll do it. If it tells us to forget basic common decency, we’ll do so and pick fights or simply ignore others.

This issue is so commonly occurring that it can be found in schools, the workplace, in politics, between genders, between sexualities, between races and even between friends and family. This year has been great at exposing our toxic society.

When asked about immigration and families separated at the border, our President, Donald Trump, could not even act as if he cared in the slightest bit. He undermined the horrific living conditions of these immigrants by stating they are “Well taken care of.” If having a lack of access to medical care and being crammed behind bars is being “well taken care of,” then I apologize to anyone who wants a better life offered in America, as they will have to go through such luxurious horrors. At that point, it should not h be an argument over who did it, it should be a conversation of who’s going to be great enough to fix it. I would not expect Trump to completely understand the reality of being an immigrant, but I do expect him to at least show compassion for those who are undergoing or who have undergone such pains.

You won’t just find ignorance in politics, you might even experience it at school or in the workplace. Constantly, we tend to judge what others wear to establish an assessment of their taste in style and their looks. People who often wear the same shirt or shoes get teased for it.  Why do we have to even care enough to notice? Why do we feel the need to discriminate against someone for how they look?

Oftentimes, even family members can belittle you, your feelings and beliefs because they simply do not know where you’re coming from and could care less about understanding your situation. If we lived in a world where people had more compassion and would refrain from saying things such as “What does it matter?” maybe we’d have more peace than hate running about.

I also understand that sometimes all a person needs is to be educated. Everyone has a different vantage point. If they’re exposed to something different, their vantage point will change and allow them to not become tunnel-visioned with generalizations and discriminations. Understanding others is healthy and provides for good communication. Our world can’t seem to figure out how to listen, however. Once it comes time to sit back and give an opposing view your attention, most tend to become defensive and shut out the possibility of seeing eye to eye.

This trend is unfair, dangerous and a waste of all of our time. If we all did our best to be patient enough to understand others, everyone would win. Ignorance must be stopped. Quit the unproductive and unwanted arguing and just show compassion and try to listen more. You’ll notice a huge difference that is worthwhile.