Costumes To Expect: 2021

Taylor Lakin, Contributor, opinions editor

October 31 is the one day a year you can play dress up and eat bucketfuls of candy judgement free. Halloween is quickly approaching and the spooky season is now in full swing. Although it falls on a Sunday, your options of where you spend your time that night are endless. Whether you choose to snuggle up with a blanket and watch your favorite scary movies, go to a party, or trick or treat, you still need to dress to impress. To help you choose what to wear, I’ve included some of the trendiest costumes you’re guaranteed to see this Halloween. Below are links to a few key pieces you need for each costume to help you out.


  • Fairies

Whether you choose to be Tinkerbell or this is just an excuse to wear a pretty dress and wings, you are sure to look amazing. This look can be achieved with a corset or flow babydoll dress, dainty wings, and of course, lots of glitter. The color possibilities are endless with this look. ( Wings Dress )


  • Pirates 

This cute and classic costume is sure to impress. All you need is a blousy top, some gold jewelry, and a hat. Maybe even add a parrot for some extra charm- just kidding, but maybe… ( Top Belt )


  • Olivia Rodrigo in “Good 4 U”

Olivia’s viral music video features a pastel blue cheer outfit with major Y2K vibes. Show everyone your inner edgy side and add black latex gloves. Throw on hair clips, grab some pom poms, and you are set for the night. ( uniform pom poms hair clips )


  • Estella Miller from Cruella 

This movie is bold and drama filled. From the all back outfit to the lacy eye mask, this costume is sure to be seen all over your Instagram feed come October 31st. And remember, don’t forget to top off the look with a vivid red lip. ( lipstick mask hair )


  • Squid Game Workers 

This new show is incredibly popular. It’s the new Korean 

drama streaming on Netflix. Squid games feature contestants playing children’s games to win cash, but there’s a catch- mess up and you may die. The red suit and black mask are sure to turn heads and will be worn by many. ( Suit )


  • Coraline and Wybie from Coraline

From everyone’s favorite movie, Coraline and Wybie are two great options this Halloween. Couple or not, these two go great together. For Coraline, you’ll need a yellow raincoat, and a blue wig. Wybie can be achieved with an all black outfit and some button eyes. This is sure to make you stand out and will leave everyone feeling nostalgic over the childhood favorite. 

( Coraline  Wybie )


  • Victor and Emily from Corpse bride 

This duo is adorable. Tim Burton truly does do it best when it comes to creating great characters. All Victor needs is to play a little dress up and put on a suit. Dress as Emily in a trashed white dress and paint her nice and blue. To really complete the look, add in the wedding rings and you will be the most fashionable couple in the room. ( dress wig, victor )


  • Bugs Bunny and Lola from Space Jam

This pair is perfect for those who want to look good but not have to try too hard. Whether you go solo or with that special someone- be it your bestie, or your boo(get it?)- this is a cute and quick costume to throw on and still be best dressed. All you need is a jersey and some ears and you are good to go.

( bugs, lola ) 

Well, there you have it, 2021’s trendiest costumes you are guaranteed to see. No matter what you choose to wear, from fairies and pirates to ghosts and bunnies, this halloween is sure to be one to remember. Happy Halloween and stay safe Aztecs!