Keeping Your Feet on the Ground While Juggling a Busy Schedule


Taylor Lakin, Publicity chair, opinions editor, reporter

     Esperanza is full of so many amazing people with all sorts of wonderful accomplishments. Kylie Gorospe is just one of these many individuals. Kylie is a part of ASB as sophomore Vice President and the cheer program here at our school. ASB, which stands for Associated Student Body, allows her to feel more involved at school.  “I enjoy creating a positive environment for other students to be welcomed and included,” says Kylie. As for cheer, she said it is lots of fun. Because she is a flyer, naturally, stunting is her favorite part.  Kylie loves attending games to cheer on our sports teams and is looking forward to a great rest of the season. Her favorite part of school is how welcoming it is and how awesome all the students and faculty are. When asked what she does outside of school, Kylie responded with how between school, cheer, and ASB, she “basically lives here.” However when she does get the chance she really enjoys journaling and hanging out with her friends. Kylie is energetic, encouraging, and a leader which makes her the great student she is.