Should kids be allowed to use phones during class?

Ethan Vartanian, Contributor

As many of us know, there are kids that have a phone and use it in class. Some teachers let kids use it for educational purposes, but others have strict rules.

According to Google “When cell phones ring during class, it disrupts the students and teacher; this often causes the teacher to lose his or her train of thought. Thus, cell phones can be a major learning distraction in public high schools. Teenagers have learned to text without teachers seeing, making it easier to send texts while testing”. But some may argue that kids should be able to use them for educational purposes.

However, many people argue that kids should be allowed to use phones in/during class

Google states “by teaching them responsibility and preparing them for their future jobs while also giving them the assurance that they are safe”.  Also, phones in school can provide easy protection.

Although some teachers may use it for educational reasons, they can be a huge distraction. Students in class are texting instead of listening to the teachers. They are constantly on social media  instead of  paying attention to their teacher who is trying to teach a lesson.

Students could use them for educational purposes such as putting their notes in it or using it for in class studying activities.

Phones should be used in class if they are used for education purposes. Using them to do assignments, calculators or putting notes on them can help them be more successful. If a student is not on their phone for educational purposes, they should not  be able to use their phones in class.