Esperanza High School’s Varsity Dance Interview

Taylor Lakin, Reporter

Dance team

Esperanza dance team is known for their amazing performances from all the talented dancers. To get more insight on what goes on in the program, two sophomores from the team, Meredith Mock and Isabella Lopez, were interviewed. Here’s what they had to say.

How long have you been dancing? Have most girls been doing it this long too?

  • Meredith: “I’ve been dancing since I was 3. Most girls have been training their whole life.”
  • Isabella: “I started when I was 2 ½ and yes most girls have.”

Are you part of anything else dance related outside of ehs?

  • Mere: “I go to a studio called McCoy Rigby arts.”
  • Isabella: I dance at a studio called DSAPA as well.”

How long does it take you to learn a routine?

  • Meredith: “Usually 5 to 6 hours of practice not including cleaning the whole dance.”
  • Isabella: “It takes about 2 weeks.”

Do you have any pre comp rituals?

  • Meredith: “Of course! We have a chant and just talk everything out right before so we are confident and ready to go on.” 
  • Isabella: “Yes, we pray and have a special chant.”

When do you normally practice and what does a normal practice look like?

  • Meredith: “We practice every weekday from 6:50- 8:30, but sometimes longer. Then we stretch and warm up and start to go through the dances and clean them to make sure they look good.”
  • Isabella: “It’s mornings 6:50-8:30 everyday weekdays. We walk in, stretch, condition a little, and then run routine, solos, technique, etc.”

How many hours do you spend dancing each week?

  • Mere: 22
  • Izzie: 18

What made you want to start dancing and why did you decide to join the dance team at our school?

  • Meredith: “I saw my family friend dance and wanted to be just like her. Also, I have many friends from the studio that are on the dance team that told me to join.”
  • Isabella: “I couldn’t stay still so started dancing to keep me busy and moving. The dance team is very good and competitive so that really made me want to join.”

When do you normally perform?

  • Meredith: “Usually weekends and sometimes weekdays.”

Izzie: “On saturdays for competitions, but we also perform at halftime for football and basketball games. Also we perform at pep rallys.”

Do you like the coaches?

  • Meredith: “Yes very much. They are very supportive and always have a good attitude.”
  • Isabella: “Yes, they are nice and we can have fun, but they still push us to be better and get stuff done.”

Does the team have a close bond?

  • Meredith: “Yes, we have many team bonding activities.”
  • Isabella: “Yes, we are all close because of all the time we spend together.”