A Look Into Digital Design And Engineering

Taylor Lakin, Reporter

Noah Currier

Esperanza High School offers a number of different academies with pathways full of  exciting classes offering the ability to learn real life skills that can be used in the future. 

One of the pathway options is Engineering. There are three classes in this pathway, the first being Intro to Engineering Design where the basics of the design aspects of engineering are taught. In the second class, Engineering Design, students start looking at engineering at a more complex level. The last class in this pathway is Advanced Engineering where students learn everything they need to know and apply their past knowledge to create their most advanced work. These classes must be completed in order and get more difficult each course. 

Digital Design is another pathway offering three amazing classes. The first class offered is Digital Design & Illustration, a project based class which teaches students how to create basic designs based on a given image and then allowed creative freedom to make it  their own. Next students may enroll in Visual Communications, and although it is not required to complete the previous class, it is highly recommended. This class offers the ability to learn and understand how to use digital art to communicate. Honors Graphic Design is the last course offered in the pathway and is the most advanced of the three. Students use what was learned in the previous courses and apply everything by taking on larger more complex projects.

The Engineering pathway is open to freshmen through seniors with the requirement of each class taken in the given order. As for the Digital Design pathway, the classes may be taken in any order once the intro class is completed. Both pathways are a great way to learn something new and prepare for after high school or just have a new hobby.