Teachers Impact on class ‘22

Teachers Impact on class ‘22

Haley Laitinen, Reporter

Students of the senior class were asked “which teacher had the biggest impact on you during your time at Esperanza and why?”


Elise Whitworth

“Mrs. Callaghan had the biggest impact on me because I really enjoyed the discussions we had in her class. She is also a teacher who is very devoted to making a difference in the lives of her students.”


Jay Christensen

“Mr. Woodward has inspired me the most during my time at Esperanza because he has taught me a lot of lessons that I know will help me inside and outside of school. He also showed me the value of working hard and still having fun.”


Regan Cutshall 

“Mr. Choate had the biggest impact on me. I had him my sophomore year for history. He was very comfortable to talk to, and would give the best advice. He was very welcoming and open to any conversation. He always had music playing which was nice, and he was always excited to see me. During Covid he reached out to me, motivating me to push through and work harder.”


Stephen Timothy

“Definitely Mr. Elmore, he’s always been super nice and funny during my third period. He’s one of the few history teachers I’ve had that never let their own political opinions come out when teaching which I really respect. I’ve by far learned the most about our government from his class than any other which I consider very important for me. I am now able to vote and need to understand what I’m voting for and why.”


Genesis Villegas

“Mrs. Easton had the biggest impact on me at Esperanza because she is a warm and kind person that taught me a lot about the medical field.”