Amazing Matcha

Amazing Matcha

Taylor Lakin, reporter

Matcha is a green tea powder made from finely ground leaves. It is rapidly growing in popularity and is a well known staple at many local coffee shops. The green beverage is obviously delicious, but it also possesses many health benefits. Similar to green tea, it is harvested from the camellia sinensis plant. However, matcha contains much more caffeine and natural benefits than green tea, as the whole tea leaf is used by being ground down to such a fine powder. From the antioxidants and amino acids to all of the vitamins and minerals, this superfood is known to deliver more benefits than any other food or drink. 

As a result of the plant being so scientifically studied, it has been proven that matcha has the ability to boost your brain function. It may affect memory, reaction time, and attention span (PubMed). Now, although this may be caused by all the caffeine, the other positive effects it brings make matcha a better alternative to any other caffeinated beverage. Another study has shown the powerful powder to decrease the risks of cancer and fight off the infectious cells, more specifically, breast cancer (PubMed). Matcha has also been shown to help promote weight loss. The benefits of drinking green tea before bed, when you first wake up, and even before working out have been widely known. Because matcha is a form of green tea it allows for these same results. For example it may boost metabolism allowing for food to be metabolized faster, ultimately causing weight loss over time. 

Matcha may be found at various local coffee shops, however, not all matcha is the same quality. Starbucks, which seems too often to be the most convenient, is not the best quality and doesn’t contain all the necessary nutrients which provide all these health benefits. Great place to purchase a real, good quality matcha drink is Bodhi Leaf or Bluetree Cafe. Both cafes put time and effort into crafting the perfect drink that is sure to be enjoyed. 

Not only is matcha a great way to switch up a boring coffee order while still getting that boost of caffeine, it is also extremely versatile. From lattes and blended drinks, to breads and pastries, matcha can be mixed into all sorts of things allowing there to be something for everyone.