Faith Doan’s Holiday Traditions


Nex Kleinschmit, Contributor

There are many different ways to celebrate the holidays. Some do gift exchanges at Christmas or have big family meals at Thanksgiving, and others have traditions distinctive to their families. Faith Doan, a junior at EHS, has a unique New Years’ Eve tradition that she celebrates with her family.  Faith and her family meet at her grandma’s house to “make a slideshow” about everything her family did over the past year in order to reminisce. They also spend time eating Filipino food after the slideshow. After this, Faith says they, “sing karaoke, and whoever gets the highest score gets a hundred dollars,” although she never wins. As the countdown continues they drink champagne, or in Faith’s case, sparkling apple cider, and wait for midnight to come. Once it’s almost midnight, Faith’s grandpa “prepares his bucket of coins” to throw at the family. After the coins have been thrown everyone scrambles to get as much money as possible. This tradition is a way for her family to spend time together and create wonderful memories. One of her favorite things about this tradition is the time she gets to spend with the family she doesn’t see as often. Traditions are a great way to get family together and make many unique memories during the holiday season.