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Yes, Move Halloween

Halloween is the time for kids to go candy crazy and parents to throw a spooky party. Halloween, as we all know, takes place on Oct. 31, but it depends on the day it falls on. If the holiday is on a weekday then no one can celebrate it. Halloween is most likely to be on a weekday because there are five school days in a week.

Halloween should be moved to the last Saturday of October. This allows for a whole weekend of festivities. All children care about on Halloween is to see how much candy they could get. The longer they want to trick or treat, the later it gets.

Young children have to go to bed early, so they wouldn’t be able to get as much candy. So then, parents would feel guilty not letting their children go out because they have work or school the next day.

A study in 2018 from Jama Pediatrics stated that from 1975 to 2016, pedestrians had a 43 percent greater chance of being in a fatal traffic accident on Halloween than on nights near that date. It would be safer for everyone because people will be able to celebrate during daylight earlier rather than carrying on into nighttime. Children could be dressed in dark costumes and trick or treat at night safely. Cars or older adults may not be able to see them as clearly and an accident could happen all because children had to go out later instead of during the day.

As a teen, I can say that I am not able to go out with my friends on Halloween because of having to go to school the next day. I still have to complete homework and go to practice at night. It gets too late after school because everyone has to get ready and prepare. But if it was move, they could be preparing on a weekend instead.

Everyone would have more time to have the celebrations they want. Halloween is all about the parties and candy. Neither can happen if everything gets postponed until night. Therefore, it should be moved to the last Saturday of October in order to get the most out of the holiday.

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Do Not Move Halloween

October is the season of spooky stories and creepy decorations. Halloween is about dressing up and getting candy. It is the most important part of October. When it comes to when Halloween should be, there is no question that the date should remain Oct. 31 every year.

In some ways, having Halloween on a weekend may be beneficial. It allows for time to stay out trick or treating for younger kids and parties for us. However, we have a tradition to uphold and, honestly, school-related Halloween activities are fun.

The first issue is where would the “new” Haloween date go? If it is moved to the last weekend in October, then what good is the 31 anymore? Halloween is supposed to be on All Hallow’s Eve. If it gets moved to a weekend, that tradition is ruined.

If it gets moved to the weekend after the 31st, then the holiday is in November. We do not need another major holiday in November. We already have one, Thanksgiving. Plus, it would ruin the whole “spooky feel” of October. Neither option is ideal.

If you aren’t a big fan of tradition, just think about all the Halloween themed activities that you get to do at school. We have a costume contest, and in elementary school, we would always have those parties. Sure, you can still do these things on a different day, but it is so much more fun to experience these activities on the actual holiday.

Imagine going to school dressed up in your costume to participate in the costume contest, for example. If anyone sees you after school or, for the seniors, at lunch wearing your costume, that would be a little awkward, don’t you think? If I saw someone on the street dressed up in a costume on any day besides Halloween, I would be a little skeptical.

Now, imagine being in elementary school. The best part of those Halloween-themed parties was being able to go trick-or-treating after school. With Halloween on a weekend, children won’t be able to experience that same joy anymore.

If you are concerned about not getting enough sleep or staying out too late, let’s be honest, no student gets enough sleep anyway. Second of all, you can still go to parties on the following weekend. As for children, parents can manage candy intake and a proper sleep schedule.

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