Yes, Move Halloween

Who Wouldn’t Want To?

Emma Van Horn, Reporter

Halloween is the time for kids to go candy crazy and parents to throw a spooky party. Halloween, as we all know, takes place on Oct. 31, but it depends on the day it falls on. If the holiday is on a weekday then no one can celebrate it. Halloween is most likely to be on a weekday because there are five school days in a week.

Halloween should be moved to the last Saturday of October. This allows for a whole weekend of festivities. All children care about on Halloween is to see how much candy they could get. The longer they want to trick or treat, the later it gets.

Young children have to go to bed early, so they wouldn’t be able to get as much candy. So then, parents would feel guilty not letting their children go out because they have work or school the next day.

A study in 2018 from Jama Pediatrics stated that from 1975 to 2016, pedestrians had a 43 percent greater chance of being in a fatal traffic accident on Halloween than on nights near that date. It would be safer for everyone because people will be able to celebrate during daylight earlier rather than carrying on into nighttime. Children could be dressed in dark costumes and trick or treat at night safely. Cars or older adults may not be able to see them as clearly and an accident could happen all because children had to go out later instead of during the day.

As a teen, I can say that I am not able to go out with my friends on Halloween because of having to go to school the next day. I still have to complete homework and go to practice at night. It gets too late after school because everyone has to get ready and prepare. But if it was move, they could be preparing on a weekend instead.

Everyone would have more time to have the celebrations they want. Halloween is all about the parties and candy. Neither can happen if everything gets postponed until night. Therefore, it should be moved to the last Saturday of October in order to get the most out of the holiday.