Should Skaters Have a Skate Park Instead of Skating at School?

Every school campus I have visited has always had some sign rejecting skateboarding, bicycle riding, rollerblading, scooter riding; you name it. The act of riding around on something with wheels just is not welcomed. But, this is a means of transportation, and when a large group of people are not around to be injured, I see people riding all the time at school. However, skaters should  have a skate park instead of being limited to skate at school because every other sport in the city has its own field or court.

Although school campuses and nearby businesses can serve as a nice place to skate and riders can go to skateparks out of the city, riders deserve more. The city of Yorba Linda has yet to build a skatepark for the community. But, the city has built many parks and recreational centers for other sports and for the public’s enjoyment. This leads me to ask, if other sports are able to have many fields and courts all over the city, why don’t skaters have at least one skatepark in Yorba Linda? Skateboarding can be seen as a pastime and a competitive sport for others. So, a skatepark will definitely be used by many if there was to be one built.

It is unfair to have limits to where one can skate if we are not given a specific place where we are allowed to skate at. Officials and those with authority can’t say much to stop people from riding on campuses when school is not in session since no one is really around. Riding on a campus is much better than people riding and doing tricks in the streets. With limited options, riders will go to wherever is most convenient. This means their skate park will be whatever is near and or wherever space and objects for doing tricks on are available.

I skate often and having a nearby skate park would be great instead of going back to school after hours when I least want to. Most students live fairly close to the school they go to and it is not great having to go back to the place they already practically live at. Yes, some parks do allow for people to ride; however, the ground for skating is much limited their since wheels don’t ride through grass smoothly.

The city council of Yorba Linda is always coming up with new projects and the creation of a skate park should be on their to do list. After a teenage boy named Logan Wells from Yorba Linda died while skateboarding, many had tried to make a skate park in Yorba Linda in memory of him. However the skate park was built in Anaheim Hills due to, “officials said the obstacles – finding a suitable spot and raising a projected $1 million – were too great,” stated The Orange County Register. Thus, a skate park needs to be implemented to our city because skaters and other riders deserve a nice place to ride.