Editorial: Letter to the Class of 2021


Photo by Jessica Landin

Congratulations and good luck to the Class of 2021! We did it!

Photo by Jocelyn Castañeda
Photo by Jocelyn Castañeda

Dear Class of 2021,

As we turn our backs to high school and continue going about our paths leading to our next chapter, remain strong and don’t lose what you’ve gained here.

We have gone through the most difficult of scenarios and still persevered. Be proud, because we made it through all this chaos. Whether you plan to continue your education or not, don’t get lazy. If we were able to get through the last year and a half, we are strong enough to get through anything.

Work hard so that people can’t criticize your work ethic. Work hard because you can make a change. Work hard because if we all do it, we will be unstoppable.

Our generation will be the one to make a change, don’t forget that. No matter what side you take on certain issues or if we have differing opinions, we still are stronger than other generations because we dare to speak. We dare to project our voices and let them be heard. That’s what makes us so mighty.

As you move past high school, you will be given more opportunities to advocate for what you believe in. And it doesn’t always have to be over political issues. Whether it’s demanding that the college systems become more accessible or advocating for equality, remain confident and willing to stand up for what you believe in.

Let’s collaborate and become understanding of one another. No matter how different sides can get, we truly just want to be heard and understood. If we learn to sit back, not point fingers, listen and welcome other perspectives, then we can bring all of our voices together.

As you go into college, as you begin your careers and as you travel, I encourage you to practice seeing things from different perspectives. It does not mean you need to agree, just become educated and aware. From being in newspaper, I’ve learned that the pen is greater than the sword and to not be ignorant. Let’s value each other because we’re on the same team here.

If we work together, we will be much stronger than all other generations. We will make changes.

You got this, go out and shock people with what you’re capable of. Don’t forget the great memories of high school and being a teenager, and take time to enjoy life!

Into the thick of it we go…