The Aztlán

Jocelyn Castañeda

Jocelyn Castañeda, Editor-in-Chief

Hi! I am Jocelyn Castañeda, and I’m a senior! This year marks my fourth year on staff, and I absolutely love it. Some of my pieces can be pretty argumentative as I love to dive into debates and learn about all different sides of an argument. Another fact about me is that I am huge on diversity and culture. I am a mix of Colombian, Mexican and American and appreciate learning about other cultures. With that, I have completed AP Spanish and I’m now on my way to finish French. I also do boxing, kickboxing and MMA in my free time. With all of that combined, I aspire to be in law enforcement one day to protect and give back.

All content by Jocelyn Castañeda
Image obtained from Google Commons.


March 10, 2019
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