Remember to Wear Creative Costumes


Shaylee Matthews

Sophomores Quynh Vo and Bella Arroyo testing out their Halloween costumes for this year.

Halloween costumes became popular in the 1930s, and some costumes are really out-dated. Here are some of the costumes that we’re all tired of seeing. 

First off, we really need to stop using uniforms and job attires as costumes. They are not creative at all and disgraceful at times. This includes jail inmates, doctors, nuns and any sports-related person (coaches, players, referees). Costumes are meant to represent a certain character or a horror or comedic idea. But, a jail inmate isn’t really neither of those. It’s honestly a little embarrassing and pointless. And being something, like a nun, is kinda offensive to the religion. Although dressing up as a certain person, such as a doctor, can be done because you aspire to be one or find the job interesting, it is sometimes taken too far.

Taking it too far pretty much means turning costumes provocative. So yes, provocative devils, bunnies, angels and cats need to go too. Those are all overused way too much! If you’re really wanting to use one of those, get artsy with it! 

Lastly, let’s stop using the extremely simple costumes. These costumes are nerds, cheerleaders and farmers. If you need a last minute costume, these are all great costumes to wear. But since we all know that Halloween is on Oct. 31, I expect so much more effort into these costumes. Stand out that night with a costume that isn’t obnoxiously basic and I guarantee you’ll get many more compliments! 

So, just have fun with dressing up and please stay creative; it makes the whole experience so much better. After all, Halloween is the one night we have to have our most fun!