How much should be spent on Prom?

Jocelyn Castañeda

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Image obtained from Google Commons.

Ticket, clothes, transportation and dinner. Four main things to stress out about finding. You should not be stressing out on how to find enough money when Prom is a night to celebrate and enjoy yourself.

Often, many wonder how much is too much to spend on Prom. Your Prom night should be one without any worries or concerns because, after all, your class Prom only happens once in your life. Spending more money on Prom than on other dances is completely all right to do since it truly is a night you will never forget. Prom celebrates all of the accomplishments of your class and it is a night to just have fun. So, keep it easy for your future self and manage your money as best as you can to avoid any regrets.

Here is the bottom line. Prom will probably cost you a few hundred dollars total. You have to pay for a ticket, a car or gas, dining, and clothes, which includes grooming (nails, hair, etc.). That, on its own, will be a big amount of money. That does not include pictures and any other extra items such as corsages and boutonnières. After adding up all these things, I would say someone who looks for the best prices and is very careful with what they buy will probably spend at least 300 dollars. But again, how much is too much? Prom is a memory that will be forever engraved in your mind so if you are someone who is planning on making it a big night, you should still keep it under 600 dollars.

Yes, Prom is something you will always remember, but keep in mind that it lasts one night. After that night, all the money put into it will no longer be in your reach. Be sure you know this and that, unfortunately, there are no returns available for this purchase.

Maybe you are devoted to making Prom night huge and you want to go all out, but let me ask you the following. Do you really want to upset whoever you are going with because you could not go through with all the plans, because you could not pay the expenses? First off, be aware of how much you will be spending. Then, make sure you will be able to cover all costs. You do not want to end up buying too much and, later, not be able to pay for all of it. Know your limits because ruining a plan or the night is the last thing you want to do.