Women’s Volleyball Team Superlatives

Jocelyn Castañeda

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November 20, 2019
Junior Elyse Stowell : Most likely to go pro and MVP

Women’s volleyball has made history for their team by winning CIF since 14 years ago in 2005. The girls have experienced a once in a lifetime accomplishment and have made so many unforgettable moments with their teammates. They got the chance to vote for team superlatives since they have become so close with one another.


  1. Most likely to go pro: Elyse Stowell 
  2. Most likely to coach a team: Clara Stowell 
  3. Funniest: Bailey Beresford
  4. Most serious: Kaylin Williby
  5. Biggest goofball: Kaylie Long
  6. Most likely to become president: Taylor Jones
  7. Biggest procrastinator: Julia Waugh
  8. Most opinionated: Sydney Delligatta
  9. Most likely to get married first: Chelsea Robles
  10. Most likely to leave and never come back: Sydney Borrego
  11. Most changed since freshman year: Kiana Halbritter
  12. Worse case of senioritis: Madeline Harkey
  13. Coaches pet: Sadie Pool
  14. Most likely to come back and coach: Taylor Kemp
  15. Most likely to play on an adult team: Jordan Mack 
  16. MVP: Elyse Stowell & Madeline Harkey


Playing all four games of CIF, the team won all rounds giving them the title of Division II championships. Some senior players got to reflect their last season with the team. 

Setter Chelsea Robles said, “It has been very exciting to make it so far this season. It definitely was not easy at times and requires a lot of hard work and dedication. It has been a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am so happy that I was able to be apart of it all.” “I am so proud of how much we have all grown together as a team. We have accomplished so much together and I am very lucky to have something that will be so hard to say goodbye to. All of the girls on the team have become my closest friends, and I know they will all continue to do amazing things” ”Winning CIF was by far the moment that I felt closer to them. It was an absolutely unreal experience. There was so much emotion and I wouldn’t have wanted to experience it with anyone else.” 

Middle blocker Kiana Halbritter said “I am extremely proud of my team for going so far this season. It’s very rare for teams to win CIF and I am so lucky to be apart of a team who worked hard enough to get there.” I am most proud of how we work together as a team, whether you are a starter or cheering from the bench everyone plays their part in achieving our accomplishments. Sometimes playing a team sport, there are cliques and drama, but this team we were truly a family through and through and loves and bettered each other as individuals.” 

Opposite Taylor Kemp said “I am glad I stayed all four years. I feel it’s given me some amazing friends. Definitely most proud of just sticking it out through the tough times because now I’m able to say how far I’ve come with them all. I probably felt the closest with my teammates right before our games. It just gave such an overwhelming feeling of support and trust in one another that you can’t help but feel close. In our wins and our loses everyone is always there for you.”