Last Christmas Should Be the Last Christmas Movie

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November 20, 2019

Every year it seems like a new Christmas movie comes out and everyone cannot wait to go and see it. Last Christmas is a movie that will definitely get you into the festive spirit. Even though it is full of holiday spirit, you will leave feeling a slight bit empty.

Last Christmas stars Emilia Clarke, most known for Game Of Thrones, and Henry Golding, who starred in Crazy Rich Asians. The movie is directed by Paul Feig and scripted by Emma Thompson, who also has the role of Clarke’s mother. Even this recognizable cast can’t give the audience what is missing from the script.

The movie follows a very forgetful and self-conceited woman named Kate (played by Clarke). Kate works at an all year-round Christmas shop ran by Santa (Michelle Yeoh). Even though the shop is full of cheer, Kate lacks the holiday spirit immensely. She can’t seem to get a break from whatever she is doing, something wrong is always thrown her way. Kate always seems on edge, wandering from friend’s couch to the next, doing something that will lead to her getting kicked out.

Until she meets Tom Webster (Golding) who is the complete opposite of Kate. He volunteers at homeless shelters and is very selfless. The two seem to always bump into each other at random times. Tom tries to help Kate find herself and see the good in the world, but she constantly mocks him.

Kate underwent a heart transplant and has never been the same since. She has struggled since the surgery to adjust to a new life with someone else’s heart inside of her. Now comes the confusing part, Kate never explains why she needed a transplant in the first place.

Tom is always popping up out of nowhere when Kate needs him the most, but she can never find him when she is looking. Just when things are starting to finally make sense, the movie ends. But it doesn’t end the way you want it, in fact no one expects it to end the way it does at all.

Last Chritsmas’ attempt to get you in the holiday mood will just make you confused and annoyed. The concept of the movie was executed poorly, not even the A-list stars could make up for  what was happening on screen.