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Shaylee Matthews

Freshman Carlee Matthews on the search for Cyber Monday deals.

The holidays are always a stressful, yet rewarding time of year. Everyone is always trying to find the perfect gift for all their friends and family while trying to stay within a reasonable price range. This is why Black Friday and Cyber Monday are perfect but chaotic holidays. Everybody is running around with a scary look in their eyes buying what they think they need just because it’s on sale.

Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving, which is Nov. 29 this year. People camp out in front of their favorite stores all night, just to get the good deals. Cyber Monday, Dec. 2, requires no camping because you can stay in the comfort of your own home. Some stores start their sales a little earlier, such as Target, Amazon and Best Buy.

Target’s Black Friday deals will start online early Thanksgiving morning. The stores will open at 5 p.m. on Thanksgiving and will stay open till 1 a.m. Then they reopen at 7 a.m. on Black Friday. Target offers a variety of deals ranging from Apple Watches and Canon Cameras to Vinyl Records. The Google Home Mini is on sale for $19. So you would save $30 from the regular sale price. Target offers over 30 video games that are $29.99 each. Some of these include Fifa 20, Fallout 76 and Red Dead Redemption 2. They are also selling select vinyl records which are starting at $15.99 with artists like The Beatles, Billie Eilish and Ariana Grande. The Apple Watch Series 3 is starting at $169.99 and you can save $30 off.

Amazon has taken over the nation and will probably dominate Black Friday and Cyber Monday as well. Amazon Black Friday deals will start to appear on Nov. 22 and will run through to Friday, Nov. 29. The 23 and Me Ancestry + Traits service is $79, so you save $20 off. Apple AirPods with Charging Case is going for $144. Amazon puts out new deals exclusively for each week and they will offer free shipping from Nov. 24 through Dec. 1.

Best Buy stores will open at 5 p.m. on Thanksgiving then close at 1 a.m. They will then reopen at 8 a.m. on Black Friday. Best Buy will mainly sell technology like Apple products and flat-screen TVs. A 70” Samsung TV is going to be sold for $549.99 and you save $350 off. You can save $200 on select deals of the Apple iMac.

Some other clothing stores that offer deals are Lululemon and Urban Outfitters. Urban Outfitters, starting Nov. 9, will offer 50 percent off of their sale items. Lululemon as well will offer 50 percent off of their “We’ve Made Too Much” clothing and they will have free shipping on non-sale items.

The holidays are the craziest time of year, so why not make it less stressful with finding good deals.