Does Black Friday devalue Thanksgiving?

Jocelyn Castañeda

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Does Black Friday devalue Thanksgiving?

The last Friday of every November kicks off the holiday shopping season. Millions shop on Black Friday because of the amazing deals being offered at every store. However, stores take advantage of this holiday and often open on Thursday instead of Friday.

Come one, come all to give thanks for all that we are blessed with and to be together as a family. But don’t worry; we can go shopping for hours right after. Thanksgiving is literally a holiday to give thanks for what you have, so you should be grateful for what is right in front of you instead of wanting more later that night.

Thanksgiving is a special holiday when families reunite with one another. Even if you don’t necessarily adore the people you are related to, you get to see them still. You also get a whole day to talk with them and really reflect on what you are grateful for. Therefore, spend this holiday with family not with items.

Every year I wonder why some stores can’t wait until it is actually Friday to open up and start shopping. I understand it is exciting for some to stay up and go late night shopping, but it is quite ironic to do it on Thanksgiving. Sometimes we just need to ask ourselves, “do we really need this?” Do we really need to spend this night of being thankful shopping for more? Plus, most people just had a big feast, so it would make even more sense to spend the evening in relaxation.

So, yes, America is putting an awful twist on a tradition by making it Black Thursday and not Black Friday. If it had started on a different day, I would be all for it.