Editorial: Women’s History Month

Jocelyn Castañeda

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Photo by Miguel Bruna on Unsplash

The month of March celebrates women’s rights and history.

She was a young woman, just 18, going to college, creating her future. He was a young man, just 20, working for his dad, having his fun. She let her guard down for just one second. He took advantage. She’s a “whore”. He’s “the man”.

Nine months pass, she’s left alone in the hospital room still shunned by family. Where was he? Out clubbing. And that new baby girl, you might ask? Beautiful, innocent, fatherless.

But that baby girl was not left alone. She was left with the most fierce force out there; a strong, independent woman, her mother. No matter what inequalities and hardships came her way, this mother was going to persevere because she knew her daughter would be great one day.

Just like many other girls, I was born because of the mistreatment of a woman. And because of that, I will never stop advocating for women’s rights. In March, we commemorate Women’s Rights and all that women have accomplished thus far. But, we also have the responsibility to continue to bring awareness of and educating on the discrimination women face on the daily, and still in the 21st century.

What I’d like to make very clear is that we are not a game. Again, us women are not a game. We are not to be played with. Do you ever wonder why fathers are so protective of their daughters? Because they have treated women in ways they pray their daughters won’t ever be treated, or they simply know of many men out there who do mistreat women.

Not all men? Then prove it and do your part. Treat us the way you’d like to be treated. Treat us the way you want your mother, your sister, your wife and your daughter to be treated. And if you think just being quiet and being a bystander is good enough, it’s not.

You’re upset you have to do the bare minimum of being a gentleman? Well, we’re upset you don’t automatically give us that respect. We’ve worked hard, and we’ve proven we can ‘last with the guys’. We shouldn’t have to prove ourselves, but we have, and we continue to. It’s time to acknowledge us.

For those of you who are allies and advocate for women’s equality in the workplace, in education, in sports and in society, thank you. You are appreciated.

To all my queens, ‘no te dejas’, or in other words, don’t let them take advantage of you. Continue to fight and always be unforgivably you.