Just Stay At Home


Photo by Shaylee Matthews

Gov. Newsom telling all of California to stay home during this pandemic in order to save lives.

After weeks of quarantine, some people are getting the itch to go back to life as it once was. Countless protests of hundreds of people have erupted all over America of disgruntled citizens who definitely aren’t social distancing.

Many are arguing that governments ordering citizens to stay at home is illegal and unconstitutional. When you have to make sacrifices in order to avoid catching and spreading a potentially deadly virus to strangers and loved ones, it is apparently better to just catch the virus.

When asked what his message to the protesters was in an exclusive interview with CBS News, California Governor Gavin Newsom said, “Stay safe. Stay healthy. Not only for yourself, but your loved ones. When you come home, if you haven’t practiced physical distancing, be careful when you see Grandma and Grandpa. Focus again on the fact that we’re all in this together.”

Although they have been warned, some people refuse to comply with the stay at home order whether they are protesting or doing something like surfing. To make matters worse, some protesters are bringing their kids along exposing them to the virus. Most kids aren’t developed enough to form their own opinions on things and are more likely than not regurgitating their parents’ beliefs.

Some of the protests seem irrational, but some are reasonable considering that millions of people are out of work with no source of income awaiting the promised stimulus relief check. Sources are saying that the checks may take five months to reach some people while some are already receiving them.

In the meantime, a record high of people have filed for unemployment, applied for food stamps or visited a food bank. Many people do not know where their next meal is going to come from.

Signs reading “My Body My, Choice” and “All businesses are essential” are held at protests. These signs could be true if not for the fact that putting yourself in danger of catching COVID-19 also puts everyone else you come in contact with in danger, especially your relatives and friends who have compromised immune systems or are at risk.

Essential businesses are not mini golf and rock climbing. Essential businesses are doctors and nurses putting their life on the line to help those who are suffering to recover. Essential businesses are grocery store workers risking their health to stock and vend you groceries so that you and your family can eat. Granted, it is essential that all people have a reliable source of income.

Research shows if everyone would limit their ventures out of their house to only essential trips for medical reasons, grocery shopping, or emergencies, the spread of Covid-19 would begin to slow. Essential workers are risking the health of themselves and their families, some even making the hard decision to live away from their families or send their children away to keep them safe. What would their sacrifices be for if counties just reopened, only for a second round of outbreaks.