Coronavirus in OC


Image obtained from Google Commons.

Currently, the United States has over seven million recorded cases and a total of 204,000 deaths, as of late September. California is still in worry, having the most recorded coronavirus cases, 800,273, and 15,542 reported deaths. Approximately 8.8% of the cases are teenagers.

In order for students to return to campus, cities and counties have to meet certain guidelines and criteria. This includes a reduced amount of Coronavirus cases in the city of the school in question. Orange County has had a total of 54,328 documented cases and 1,209 reported deaths. The Land of Gracious Living is currently reporting an average of 180 cases and 12 deaths per week.

The California Blueprint for a Safer Economy says, “Schools may not reopen fully for in-person instruction until the county has been in the Substantial (Red) Tier (open with modifications) for two weeks. Local school and health officials may decide to open elementary schools, and school officials may decide to conduct in-person instruction for a limited set of students in small cohorts.”

According to the CDC, “The reduction of the spread of coronavirus has been and continues to prove to be a group effort. The use of hygiene, face coverings, social distancing and proper sanitization and sterilization of commonly touched areas is still needed to stop the spread.”