Nalani Sam ’23 Student of week 1/16


Luke S., Reporter

Senior student of the week Nalani Sam takes a trip to the beautiful masters course.  Sam is on the women’s golf team at Esperanza and has a strong connection with the sport. She has even been on a world renowned course. ”I went to the masters and played on the course there”.

When she went to the course Sam played in the drive chip and putt competition. The challenge consisted of 3 drives, 3 putts and 3 chip shots. With only 9 swings, Sam felt pressured to make the best outcome out of only nine opportunities. “It was the only time I had at the masters, so I really couldn’t mess up”.

The nerves especially got to Sam when it was time for the drives. ”Each of the 3 drives depends how far you hit it but also consistency and accuracy are key for making the chipping and putting rounds easier”.Sam is passionate about golf and enjoyed reflecting over all her playing years so far. “Playing on the finest golf course in the world was my best experience playing golf”.