The Pulse of Esperanza High School

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The Pulse of Esperanza High School

The Aztlán

The Pulse of Esperanza High School

The Aztlán

Senior Assassin

It’s that time of the year for seniors to be able to win money by joining senior Assassin…

What is Senior Assassin?  It’s a game that is only played by seniors who gather up money as a prize. The last senior standing would win all of the money which is a difficult task since there are many other seniors playing as well. This tradition has been going on for years which can be fun, competitive, or even dangerous…

At Esperanza High School, there is a Senior Assassin starting on March 11th and the last day to enroll is Friday, March 8th. So for any of you seniors that are interested and have not yet enrolled, Friday is the last day! Admission is only $10 Dollars which is cheap. There are currently 105 seniors enrolled which means there is $1,050 dollars on the line. Here are the game rules..

Standard Rules: 

-Each Player is assigned a target during rounds

Every Elimination should be uploaded to Splashin

-Last Player standing wins!

Custom Rules: 

-Location on the app must be turned on at all times

– There are safety zones such as inside your home, school gates, work, etc.

-You can remain safe in eliminating grounds if the safety item of the week is worn.

-And to eliminate someone, you must use a water gun for it to count.

Good luck to all the seniors who will start on March 11th..

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