Best Crime Shows to Watch


Emma Van Horn watches Ted Bundy Tapes

It’s a Tuesday morning in summer; you’re bored and you don’t know what to do. Perhaps you decide to watch TV, maybe crime shows in particular, but you just don’t know what to watch. Well, ever feel like trying to solve a murder? These are some of the best crime shows that will get you hooked in and make you feel apart of the show by making your mind try and guess who did it.

1. Criminal Minds
This is a fantastic crime show that’s very popular among adults and teens. Criminal Minds is an American police procedural crime drama television series.This show is very entertaining and every episode is a different story. The actors in this show are amazing and portray their characters accurately. Jeff Davis is the director and creator of Criminal Minds and he is also very popular for another show, Teen Wolf. One of the actors starring in this is Mandy Patinkin, who is known for the famous movie Princess Bride. It was released in 2005 and is still airing today. There are 14 seasons as of right now and each episode is 42 minutes long.

2.  Conversations with a Killer : Ted Bundy

This show is about the notorious killer of the 70s, Ted Bundy. This show is about the tapes recorded of his killings and after all those years of saying he wasn’t guilty, he finally confessed and they recorded his confession on these tapes. This show is a documentary that traces the story of Ted Bundy and his crimes and takes you inside the mind of a psychopath. Joe Berlinger is the director and he is known for the movie Extremely Wicked, and Shockingly Evil and Vile which is the movie about Ted Bundy. This show isn’t boring at all and it’s very interesting to watch and discover the truth about this vile killer. There was a lot of twists and turns in this documentary which makes it worth the watch.

3. Homicide Hunter with Joe Kenda

This is a crime documentary how that was released in 2011 and still airs today. It’s only 43 minutes per episode and each episode takes you on all the homicidal crimes that Joe Kenda solved. Every episode is different ad intense and will have you leaning forward on your seat, following along on trying to solve the crime. It’s insanely good and gives you detail on the crimes he solved and even shows actors portraying the crime as he describes it. This is a tale of true crime and is being described by homicide detective Joe Kenda.

4. Fear Thy Neighbor

This is a true crime and documentary that was aired in 2014 and still runs today. This takes you on this crime journey of neighbors killing each other and makes you think, do you really know your neighbors? Fear Thy Neighbor focuses on the feuds between neighbors which escalates into tragedies. It’s really good on acting and makes you very suspectful on who did it. This show reveals what happens when a new homeowner unwillingly takes up residence within a stone’s throw of a psycho and takes you in the thrilling experiences of the murder.

All of these crime shows will keep you on your toes and is a great choice to watch if you’re into solving murders. Some of the episodes are intense, but worth the watch.