Quarantine Is Taking Away Our Freedom


Jo Joseph

This neighborhood remains on lock down in their houses.

I’m sure plenty of students have wished for an event to happen in order to get out of school or even employees have wished they didn’t have to go to work for just one day, or maybe two. Well they got their wish, even more than what they wanted. Due to precautions against the coronavirus, there’s no school, no work and even no leaving the house.

Why are we even considering staying inside at all times?

We should not have to be confined to our houses during this pandemic. It’s a ploy of the media and politicians to scare us from leaving our front door. The Governor says, so now we do. It’s more brainwashing than working under government leadership.

California is one of the only states with such high regulations. Why is it that sunlight and warmth is what kills the virus but we’re restricted within the walls of our homes. We’re killing ourselves, not the virus.

However, it is reasonable to think that the spread of the virus will decrease with being under quarantine. Which is correct, but is it necessary?


With the opportunity of being outside, we should keep practicing social distancing and wearing facial masks at all times. This will prevent the further spread of COVID while allowing the basic day-to-day activities which we’re given the right to as citizens of the U.S.

It is not acceptable to cause fear of leaving the house. The government portrays they are trying to prevent the second surge of cases but in reality they’re just taking away our basic rights. Only 2% of the people in California who contract the virus actually have a fatal outcome, so why do they feel the need to protect everyone?

We should not have to change our whole life for a virus which is dramatized by news outlets. We need trust and not fear. We need to be outside where we can live to our limits and remain safe of the virus. But we cannot be quarantined in our homes for any longer.