Schools Should Reopen


During the pandemic of 2020, it was pretty commonplace for businesses to temporarily close their doors to the public, or at the very least modify how they went about doing their business. At the time, March 2020, these decisions to close down highly populated areas of business such as movie theaters, restaurants, theme parks and schools seemed pretty justified, however, now in 2021, many people are more than ready for these places to reopen.

Schools and colleges have probably the most support behind them for reopening and with very good reason. Children have proven to be at a very low risk of death or being symptomatic if they were to catch Covid, and districts across the nation have devised ways to keep their students distanced during class and keep the air clean.

For parents who still have concern over the virus, the option to have their children stay home and do school from the safety of a home office is an option, albeit an unfortunate one. Teachers and students alike have expressed exhaustion over having to teach kids in a classroom and through Zoom simultaneously, especially when it’s painfully clear some of the kids staying home are only staying home because it’s easier to cheat there.

With the vaccine now available for distribution in California, the idea that California schools will be able to reopen entirely has become more and more prominent, however this proposition is still receiving blowback from parents despite there also being clear science that children are at a lower risk of being hospitalized for contracting Covid. As mentioned earlier, kids who partake in hybrid schooling are kept at a 6 foot distance from their fellow classmates as much as possible, desks are armed with plastic shields, and masks are required upon entering the gates.

Colleges also keep their students and professors at a safe distance and make it known that partying or any sort of large gathering will be heavily frowned upon. Really, all public places of education across the country have made it top priority to keep their schools clean and ultimately Covid free.

With all of this in mind, there’s really no reason,with the exception of few students, why it wouldn’t be safe for schools to start allowing more kids to return to schools to learn in person.