Aguilar Awarded Manager of the Year

Alexis Lunsford

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Photo attained from Meghan Lukach

Mrs. Aguilar, awarded Manager of the Year, was accompanied by a group of people in celebration of her achievement.

Principal Gina Aguilar, was awarded Manager of the Year on Feb. 18 as a surprise from the district’s modified executive leadership team, also known as the “prize control”, for her hard work and dedication towards the students of Esperanza.

On behalf of all the students going through this year’s troublesome situation with Covid-19, Mrs. Aguilar managed to push them through with compassion and charismatic integrity. Due to her dedication, she was given one of the several employee of the year awards, along with eight other district employees.

Superintendent Dr. James Elsasser claims that Aguilar “embod[ied]  the spirit of our organization’s mission, vision and core values,” stated in an email sent out in congratulations to all the winners. With our core values being excellence, collaboration, integrity and innovation, the time and effort that it takes to represent all these traits is definitely something that shouldn’t go unnoticed.

As principal, chief, head boss or whatever you want to call it, collaboration is one of the main aspects to keeping a system running smoothly. Communication allows for innovation and it takes excellence and integrity to achieve this. Running a high school, allows for great practice to these outstanding qualities.

“I am so proud of their unwavering dedication to serving students, families and colleagues in their unique certificated, classified, and management roles,” says Elsasser.

As this year has not been ideal for students and teachers, Aguilar strived for excellence, as our school motto states, and was honored at the highest level.

“They are the heart and soul of our great school district,” says Elsasser.