What you should know before beginning college


Haley Laitinen, Reporter

To all of the future attendees, college may evoke feelings of anxiousness, excitement, and fearfulness. It is a time where people from all over gather together, make new friendships, and learn lasting lessons. Furthermore, young adults have the opportunity to grow themselves in all areas of life. Although one may be nervous for the upcoming experience, there are numerous pieces of advice to explore on how to be more prepared for college.


It has been noted that staying organized with due dates is one of the most beneficial pieces of advice when entering college for the first time. Habits take time to develop, but once a routine is formed, it is easier to accomplish tasks each day. A Founding Father of the United States once instructed, “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” With this in mind, one should take into consideration the benefits of staying organized with their deadlines. The faster work is done, one will have more time for other eventful happenings. Czech Universities advises to “write down all your deadlines, exams, group meetings and school events.” In addition to prioritizing school work, one will have a higher probability of achieving good grades. This is important for future jobs and interests one has, setting them up for success.

In addition to keeping track of deadlines and due dates, it is important to ease into the future. With many years of schooling ahead, one may take the time to explore various different courses. In other words, “use your time at college to explore the subjects that pique your interest and really submerge yourself” (University of the people). With one class, one may discover a passion for something they never thought they had interest in. It is important to consider what one loves as that career will follow them throughout their life. 


Aside from careers and grades, another aspect which will also be important for the rest of one’s life is their choice in friends and free-time. During the first year of college, freshman students are heavily encouraged to get involved! Many colleges will take the time to plan fun events and assemblies for their students, and it is asked that they in return participate. Katie Dwyer encourages, “Your campus will offer lectures from visiting scholars; academic conferences; book launches; student-led events and speakers; political talks and rallies; and so much more. Never again are you likely to be surrounded by so much action, and for so little cost in anything but your time.” If the school offers, go! What is there to lose! Activities increase the chances of meeting new people and expanding one’s friend circle. To add on, one can learn more about another’s culture or what interests those around them. It is better to go than to waste time in the future regretting the choice not to.


A last piece of advice one should choose to evaluate is getting a job. Although one may be busy with college activities and homework assignments, what better way is there to spend free time than working, earning some extra money.  Jobs have proved to increase human interaction skills, practical skills, maturity levels, and confidence in oneself. These skills can be incorporated into how one manages schoolwork and time off. “Studies show that students who work from about 8-10 hours per week tend to organize and spend their “free” time more wisely” (Advice for New University Students). One should assess the benefits of getting a job, and how it can impact their life in and out of school.


Overall, these key pieces of guidance will serve to aid future students in their first year of college. What an exciting time in life! Despite the fears many may have prior to beginning their journey of college and discovering their purpose, one should be comforted to know that it is not a solo process. There are many around to help assist and help, and those who are in the same position. Take the time to ponder on these pieces of advice, as they will be of great help in the once in a lifetime experience college surely is!