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The Pulse of Esperanza High School

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The Pulse of Esperanza High School

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Should Phones Be Allowed in Class?


The use of mobile phones should not be allowed in classrooms because they are detrimental for students’ learning, lead to academic dishonesty, and most importantly lead to students being dependable on them. 


For many schools a no cell phone policy is established, banning cell phones from being on a students desk. Unless used for academic purposes, a cell phone can result in serious consequences for a student.  Here at Esperanza, our cell phone policy is that they must be zipped and kept in our backpacks, unless used for school purposes that will not distract or limit our learning abilities. At many other schools however cell phones are allowed in class, and used from a day to day basis. 


Author of Save Our Schools, Maria Sanchez,  feels strongly that cell phones should not be allowed in school. “Phones are powerful tools that allow students to multitask,” says Sanchez. “but this can be detrimental to their learning.” When students are given a task, phones can lead as a distraction to the student, slowing down or completely stopping the student from working and keeping focused. 


As well as detrimental to their learning, Sanchez feels that they lead to academic dishonesty in students. Easy access to phones in school can cause sharing, googling, or plagiarizing tests, and homework answers. 


“Having a phone in the classroom provides students with the opportunity to cheat by looking up test answers. “ Sanchez says. 


Without a cell phone in students’ sight, they will not feel the temptation to cheat on tests because it will not be an option. Cheating itself is a big enough deal, but Sanchez also expresses how use of cell phones in class also leads to students being addicted, and constantly wired to their phones. 


Sanchez also states, “Social media and games have a way of hooking students’ attention and keeping them engrossed for hours on end.” Because of the addiction many kids and teenagers have on social media, it is so easy for them to completely disregard their responsibilities. Even though some may argue that cellphones may seem like a way to make school more engaging, and social, this reasoning is flawed because of the hook phones have on many students. 


Because cell phones provide too many difficulties for learning in school, it is crucial our education system makes learning as effective as they can make it. The prohibition of cell phones will bring out the best of students, and teachers in school settings. 


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