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The Pulse of Esperanza High School

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The Pulse of Esperanza High School

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Embracing Leadership: Voices from the ROTC program


In the heart of high schools, A unique transformation  journey unfolds as  students delve into the ROTC Military training program. 


The ROTC training program is a program for young adults wanting to have the discipline  and some experiences of the training that happens in the actual  military branches. Few branches in the military do have a ROTC program for students to learn and understand the understanding of being in the military.   When coming to students being in the ROTC program I had the opportunity to speak with two individuals, Sophie Halverson and Yerie Castillo – Espinoza, who shared their thoughts on their experiences and aspirations within the ROTC program. 


Unveiling passions and extending knowledge:

Sophie Halverson, A dedicated Participant in the ROTC program expresses her enthusiasm for the military- based program. “  I have always been good at military- based programs” she shares. Sophie’s motivation extended beyond personal achievements;  She has a profound desire to share her knowledge and experience with fellow students and kids, aiming to contribute to making their lives better. In her own words, Sophie is on a mission to extend a helping hand and be a positive influence on the lives of her peers. 


Yerie Castillo- Espinoza found inspiration within his own family. “ I went into the ROTC program because I have family that were in the military,” he reveals . Yerie’s decision is a testament to the impact of familial influence and the strong sense of duty that runs through generations. His choice not only reflects a family legacy but also showcases the diverse motivations that drive individuals to join the ROTC program. 

Aspirations of improvement:


When asked about areas of improvement within the ROTC program, Sophie Halverosn reflects on the importance of discipline. “ For the ROTC program, I would like to improve the discipline in our number,” she states. Sophie recognizes the significance of instilling discipline among participants, emphasizing the role it plays in shaping responsible and effective future leaders. 

A Collective Journey growth:


Sophie and Yerie’s perspectives provide a glimpse into the diverse motivation and aspirations that fuel the ROTC Program. As these students strive for personal growth, they also contribute to the collective journey of molding responsible, disciplined and motivated individuals ready to embrace leadership roles in the future. 


In the ROTC program, it is not just about learning military tactics; it’s about instilling values, fostering camaraderie, and building a foundation for the leaders of tomorrow. The voices of Sophie Halverson and Yerie Castillo- Espinoza echo the sentiments of many young minds engaged in this transformation program, where discipline and a commitment to service pave the way for a brighter and more empowered future.

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