The Aztlán

Riley Howard

Riley Howard, Sports Editor & Secretary

What is your favorite holiday? 

  • My favorite holiday is Halloween because of the fun decorations, costumes, and movies! Also, my birthday is in October so overall it's a very lively month.

Would you rather live by the beach or the mountains?

  • As much as I enjoy the cold, I would rather live by the beach because I am so drawn to waves.

Is there an interesting story having to do with your hair?

  • I’ve been getting my hair done in braids since I was two and the process takes roughly four-six hours. One time, I was sitting in the chair and fell asleep for the entirety of my appointment!

How would you describe your room?

  • My room is my favorite creation. On my walls, I have newspapers from floor to ceiling along with posters and original art. My ceiling holds 350 functioning glow-in-the-dark stars and a moon/sun tapestry.

What was your favorite toy when you were 5 years old?

  • When I was younger I loved dolls and fashion. Monster High and Barbie dolls were probably my favorite toys because of the outfits that came with them. I had a ton and always watched the movies.
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