Internal over External

Riley Howard, Reporter

As the new season approaches, many may be feeling less motivated and more fatigued with the presence of stress and cold weather. Often declared as seasonal depression, fluctuating mental health should be an important topic to address all seasons of the year. It can be exhausting and hard to manage trying to make sense of the struggles you are dealing with. Yung Pueblo once said, “To truly change your life, you need to look inward, get to know and love yourself, and heal your mind.” In other words, internal changes can have a huge external impact. Based on this ideology, I have compiled an advice column of quotes from my favorite podcast, Anything Goes by Emma Chamberlin, to help implement guidance wherever you may be on the journey of bettering your mind. 


“Every single day you get out of bed and go to school is an accomplishment.” Yes, this phrase seems simple

but rarely does anyone recognize small wins throughout the day. Whether it’s having overwhelming assignments due to procrastinating or a bad grade you got on your test, it can be hard to feel content after hardships. These feelings can lead to negative self-talk and funks that are hard to shake. However, It’s important to remember all the little things you did throughout the day to instill confidence within you.  Do not take an accomplishment away from yourself just because in someone’s eyes it is not a big deal. Give yourself credit and know everything will get better with time. And even if you feel like you have nothing left, look up! The sun will continue to rise and set with an indication of new days and new opportunities. 


“We all need to be so much easier on ourselves, so much more loving towards ourselves and make that a priority” – Especially with the presence of the internet, we compare and contrast ourselves with other people on a daily basis. It is human nature, but it does not have to be harmful. Taking social media detoxes is something I have implemented monthly that has bettered my relationship with myself and those around me. Focusing time and energy on realizing that it’s not about what other people do or think of you is also something to be mindful of. It is about what you think when you look in the mirror. How do you feel about yourself, deeper than surface level, as a person? If your answer to this question does not align with your goals, making self-love/appreciation a priority is key. This practice can look different for everyone but implementing things you love, perhaps picking up old hobbies that brought you joy, can be the perfect place to start. 


“Make your alone time useful” The topic of independence is not linear. There are multiple definitions and interpretations of the word. Personally, I tie independence with confidence. If you feel good completely by yourself and you are not relying on anybody else you feel confident. I think that’s a really crucial and maybe somewhat obvious point in getting to know yourself. Physically being alone does not have to mean you are lonely. Journaling, reading, going for a walk, all of these solo activities are ways to not only expand your mind but connect. Remember this is just the beginning. Take this advice as it resonates and keep in mind the best is yet to come.