Play Ball!


Riley Howard

View of the Mets playing at Citi Field

Riley Howard, Writer and Reporter

Major League Baseball has had its first work stoppage in over 25 years, which has panicked baseball fans all over. A lockout in baseball is when the players and the league can not compromise on a new agreement by the time the old agreement expires, which was March 1st, 2022. During a lockout teams can’t sign new players, trade or even talk to their own players until the lockout is completely over. The longest work stoppage was the 232-day strike from August 1994 to April 1995, which remains the sport’s most devastating self-inflicted suspension. The 1994-1995 labor dispute canceled a World Series, reversed a trend of booming attendance, led to the demise of baseball in Montreal and ultimately discouraged policing the use of steroids (ESPN). It took 99 days, but baseball is finally back! An agreement was reached Thursday, March 10th, by Major League Baseball’s club owners and its players’ union. After months of heated negotiations, they will allow for a full season, with opening day scheduled for April 7. A five-year collective agreement was put in place and will increase pay for young players and better incentivize teams to compete. “Being back on the field is exciting for owners, players, and fans as well.” Gerrit Cole, Yankees star pitcher and member of a union subcommittee, said in a phone interview with the New York Times. Understandably, baseball fans are over the moon awaiting for the games to begin now that spring training and other Major League Baseball activities are underway.

View of the Mets playing at Citi Field (Riley Howard)