Romantic fall dates


Sam Assad

Alyssa Laske, senior, and her boyfriend Raul Jarquin skate away on the ice at The Rinks in Yorba Linda.

When you think of fall, most people think of the time for cozy sweaters, warm cider and beautiful scenery. But it is the best season for “falling in love.” The perfect thing to express your love for someone is to bring him or her on a perfect date. Here are five fall dates to go on with your partner.

Go Hiking

Hiking is one of the best activities to do and is a get away from the city. You can talk about whatever you would like. At this time of the year, the leaves are changing color, and it is the perfect time to go on a hike.There are tons of hiking trails in Chino Hills State Park. One amazing trail to do is called Little Canyon Loop that is a 2.2 mile loop. It is rated as a moderate trail and features beautiful wild flowers and views.

Picnic at a Park

This date is probably one of the easiest, but one of the most romantic dates you can go on. A lazy afternoon with a picnic at the park is a  cheap option, and it is also super peaceful. You can bring a blanket, sit under the trees and talk about whatever you want. You can sit there for hours or for a quick lunch. Locally, you can go to Tri-City Park or Yorba Regional Park. Yorba Regional Park also has a lake to sit next to.

Sit Next to a Fire

Sitting by to a fire is a  easy, but perfect cold weather date. This can be at any restaurant or at your house. You two can watch a movie, eat popcorn and share a blanket.You can also watch movies all night long. You can also watch the sunset and have a romantic bonfire in the backyard or at a local beach. Making hot dogs and roasting marshmallows would be a perfect idea.

Go Tailgating

Go tailgating to a football game. Since football is a super fun sport that is in the fall, go tailgating with some hamburgers and sodas. It is a perfect date with a ton of memories.

Go Ice Skating

Go ice skating together. This date is very romantic. Bundle up in your sweaters and go on a romantic date ice skating at the Rinks Yorba Linda Ice or at KHS Ice Arena. It does not matter if both of you are bad at skating, you will laugh together and will both experience tons of memories and fails.

These are five very fun and easy dates for the fall season.