Women’s Golf Swings Into Success

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October 30, 2019

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Women’s golf has been a success with 10-4 overall and 3-2 in league.  Especially with the help of some outstanding players, such as Aide Martinez, Tiffany Skates and Jayden Pritchett.

Although these players have stood out to coach Kevin Claborn. He said, “To be honest, it has been a team effort. You cannot be a successful golf team with just a few really good players.”

Claborn has been playing golf for almost 40 years. He played for UCLA and placed first place in CIF Individuals southern section. He has coached the Aztecs since 2003.

Sophomore Jayden Pritchett said, “My favorite thing about golf is how much there is to learn in order to get everything right.”  Skates also said her favorite thing about being on the golf team is being on a team with all of her best friends, and she loves how it relieves her stress.

As of now, the team plans on going to CIF, League Finals and, some players hope to go to Individual CIF, which not every player goes to. League Finals are Oct. 16 and 17. The following week, select players will be going to CIF Individuals, and the week after that, the whole team will be going to CIF.

Tiffany Skates said that she has been practicing everyday to prepare for these events, along with a fe practices a week with the team.

Junior Grace Hiltbrunner-Johnson said, “I think league finals will be fun. It’s always nice to play with other girls from our league.”

“Golf has a quiet atmosphere, and one of the best parts is being out on the course with friends having a good competition,” said Pritchett.