Band Sweet Fundraiser

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October 30, 2019

Camryn Calvert

Band performing at a football game.

The Esperanza Entertainment Unit (EEU) is selling See’s Candy from Oct. 6 to Nov. 2. The ordered candy will be delivered on Nov. 13.

“We rely heavily on fundraisers to buy new instruments and to prepare for the shows,” said senior Colin Wu.

There is also a competition for the members of band, which serves as an incentive to sell more. Prizes are given to the top five sellers who sell $500 worth of items. Three prizes are given at random if a person sells at least one item. Additional prizes are awarded to the band sections who have the highest average sales per person.

“Hopefully the money will go towards our performance at California Adventure this year,” said freshman Zoe Zadah.

Band can be a very expensive program, so the unit is hoping everybody participates in this fundraiser. Especially because it is year round.

The whole entertainment unit is an important part of school spirit, which is why students should show their support by buying See’s Candy.

You can also support the program by attending their performance on Oct. 27 at Glover Stadium.