Why Thanksgiving Break Needs to be 3 Days Long Again

Ryen Hernandez

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Madison Roach

America Olmedo, Senior, looking at the calendar to see when Thanksgiving break is.

While the job as a student consists of constantly studying for tests and staying up late at night completing homework, one might say that enough is enough and that a very long break is needed. While Thanksgiving break is a whole week off of school, there are pros and cons to the seven days of relaxation. One might suggest that Thanksgiving break gives students the chance to not think about school for a week. But, I believe that Thanksgiving break should not be a week long; in fact, the break should be changed to consist of only three weekdays long.

It is unnecessary to have a week break since students tend to forget the work they have learned in weeks prior. It leaves stress and frustration on teachers when students return from break and need to review the material. That takes up time that teachers could use to be teaching new curriculum. Thus, if Thanksgiving break is shortened to three days, students will remember more when they return from break.

Winter break arrives three weeks after Thanksgiving break. Also, the week before Thanksgiving break only consists of four days of school. Because of Veterans Day on Nov. 12, there is no school. That provides more rest on Monday, the week before Thanksgiving break. Also, if Thanksgiving break is shortened to three days again, there will be two extra days off. The two extra days of school can be used for days off later in the year when students and staff need a day of rest after long weeks of nonstop school and grades.

After Winter break is over, there are no other days off until spring break. Those weeks will be given with high workloads and will consist of tests before the end of the year. Throughout those 10  weeks, students will be stressed out and will feel desperate for a minor break. Without a minor break, students will have nothing to look forward to and will start to give up; therefore, they will slack off in school. It also gives teachers a break to catch up on grades because of the nonstop school work to grade. The two extra days of Thanksgiving break can be placed into the large gap between winter and spring break to give students some extra rest in the middle of the school year.

The end of the year is when students get lazy and are in desperate needs of rest. I believe that shortening Thanksgiving break to three weekdays will provide extra days off at the end of the year when students need it most. Most people suggest that a week off for Thanksgiving break is crucial for students. This is said because they have not fully experienced the ten weeks straight of school after Winter break. Having two days off, will make  the end of the year so beneficial and will feel worth it.