Do Women Ruin Men´s Fashion Trends?


Glenn Francis

The picture above is of Billie Eilish, a young singer who is known for having a interesting style.

Nowadays fashion seems to be considered interchangeable by some. With a few standout major celebrities like Lil Uzi Vert, Young Thug, and Billie Eilish changing the norm for fashion. For example, Young Thug can be seen wearing a dress on his 2016 album, Jeffery. Also, since Billie Eilish has broke out on the music scene, her tomboy style with baggy pants has gained a good amount of attention as her music has. Lil Uzi Vert and others like A$AP Rocky have been spotted in public wearing bags made by Chanel. A$AP Rocky on his hit song, Potato Salad, even spoke on the topic and rapped, “And no this ain’t a purse, it’s a satchel.”

Many raise praise to these artist for creating a culture where fashion seems to be unisex. Others on other hand, do not seem to like this new change. Thrasher, a skate clothing brand, does not seem to be as popular as it once was with teenagers. Thrasher was once a brand which skaters only wore it, then it became mainstream and everyone wore it. It began to lose fans of the clothing once, girls started to wear the brand just because of the popularity.

The iconic Nike shoe, Air Force 1’s has been popularized by guy’s fashion especially in white because of how well it compliments a outfit. Due to the rising trend, girls can even be seen wearing the shoe now. Why might girls join in on these trends in guy’s fashion though? Senior, Bella Newberry says, “It is a new influence.” She also describes that it makes her feel individualized, different, and confident.

So, is this unisex trend good for fashion? Possibly so, because it allows people for them to express themselves freely. Fashion has always been something that is evolving and there is always something new being brought upon the scene. Fashion gives many people different feelings, Senior, Josephine Toodeh says, “ I like fashion because you can change it up everyday and fashion defines who you are.” Fashion can be fun and bring a sense of excitement.

For certain audiences, this trend of females taking male fashion as influence may be off putting. This is not something new within fashion. From the late 16th century until the early 18th, high heels were once a men’s fashion trend then a unisex trend to now only being dominate and worn by women today. As history and technology changes, so does fashion. Newberry agrees this is good for fashion culture. Newberry describes her thoughts and says, “ Yeah, I think people take on fashion and influence others and it just keeps going from there.”

Concluding this topic, no, women do not ruin men’s fashion trends. All they do is just put their own spin on it. As humans, we naturally influence each other. In due time, a new trend will come about and the influence will occur once again. As some believe history repeats itself, so does fashion.