Cross Country Strives for Success

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October 30, 2019

Jessica Landin

Girls’ Varsity Cross Country on their way to the track for practice.

Both women’s and men’s Cross Country have had a very good season so far. Although there have been many injuries, they have a young team and many inexperienced runners. The boy’s team still managed to win first place for small schools at the Orange County Championships.

The boy’s team’s goal for the rest of the season is to make State Championships, which they made last year. In order to make it, they would need to make it into the top seven in CIF finals.

A goal for the girl’s team is to make it to CIF. “They have had a harder season so far,” coach Rich Medellin said. Currently, they aren’t ranked, but it’s possible they may be by the end of the season.

Sophomore Bailey Maxwell said, “I think the team has improved a lot because we are working together and having more team bonding.”

Medellin said that the team has really low numbers and needs runners really badly, and he would love for anybody to come out and run. “In people’s  minds, they think we run ten miles a practice, but it isn’t like that. It honestly just depends on the level you are running.”

Sophomore Samantha Lopez said that one of the most challenging parts of Cross Country is doing well in all of the races and making sure the team sticks together.

Sophomore Nicole Reeves said, “The hardest part about cross country is probably doing a hard workout on a hot day. It’s super difficult and nobody is in a good mood.”

Reeves is having a really good season, and hopes to make it to state Finals as an individual. “When I first started running I could barely run three miles. Now after over a year of training I’m able to run about nine miles.”

“My times have gotten a lot better since I started running, which I’m really proud of. The team has improved a lot since last year, and I think we have done super good in all of the races,” said Lopez.

Overall, our Cross Country team has had an amazing season, especially with all of the injuries. They still have a few more races left, and if they make it to CIF, they would love for people to come out and cheer.