Pros & Cons of Remote Learning


Cartoon by Aaliyah Bustamante

As we have been closed for a few weeks now, a schedule is setting in and there are extremely noticeable differences between remote, or distance, learning and in-person education. Some enjoy this style, while others oppose it. So, let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of remote learning.


The first pro to this style of schooling is that it is primarily self paced. We are responsible for completing work still, but the schedule is much more flexible. Instead of having to arrive for first period at a fixed time and then transition from one class to the next when the bell rings, we can complete assignments and tasks at whatever time we wish, as long as it is before the due date, of course.

Similarly, we have more time to spend on other endeavors beside school. We spend seven hours every week day at school, sometimes more for people with a zero period or a sport. Now, we really only have to spend a few hours of our day devoted to academics. This means we have more time in the day available for an old hobby, an activity we always wanted to try or any other potential activity.

Another positive aspect to online schooling is that you get to experience a less threatening environment. While in a physical classroom, you may find yourself frequently comparing yourself to your classmates or being too afraid to ask a question because it may be viewed as “dumb.” However, online, those fears and insecurities disappear and asking questions in private are much easier.


On the other side of things, this shift has some drawbacks. The first being the countless distractions. Some people have crazy siblings, obnoxious pets or additional responsibilities that can pull them away from concentrating on their work. Imagine trying to learn about something completely new and very challenging for the first time while your little brothers are arguing about who gets to play with the toy race car next.

Furthermore, some people do not have consistent internet access. It is awful when you are in the middle of a lesson and then suddenly can no longer view it. If we were at school in person, the teacher isn’t going to just randomly glitch out.

In addition, without in-person instruction, it may be difficult to grasp particular concepts. Sure, YouTube videos, Zoom, asking friends and any number of other solutions may be helpful to ensure understanding. However, nothing can truly replace being able to sit in your classroom and listen to the teacher’s explanations.

Remote learning is new for everyone and some like it while others don’t. Regardless of your preference, it is absolutely crucial that you make the most of it for our final weeks in school.