Activities to Keep You Busy During Quarantine


Cartoon by Aaliyah Bustamante

Elyzabeth Andersen, Features Editor

Fifth period on Friday, March 13 will be a day that most of us remember forever. On that day, we were told our school would be closing for two weeks due to an “abundance of caution” concerning the coronavirus. Although that turned into the school closing for the rest of the school year, that doesn’t mean that we should just waste all of our time doing nothing but school work. 

One activity you can try is any hobby. Think about the things that you enjoy. Take cooking, for example. If you enjoy cooking then find new recipes to make for you and your family. If you enjoy art or photography then start a new creative project to document your life in quarantine or have a mini photoshoot. 

Because there is no school, there is no better time than now to spend time with your family. Now, I don’t want to get all sentimental on you, but they aren’t going to be around forever. So, in a time like this, it is more important than ever to appreciate the people in your life. Play board games together or just sit together, talk and enjoy each other’s company before we all go back to the hectic way of life. 

With that being said, just because you can’t go out doesn’t mean you can’t still do fun activities with your friends. We live in a world of technology so be creative with it. Facetime and play charades, or go online and play video games. There is a wide variety of activities to do with your friends all from the safety of your home thanks to platforms like Skype, Discord, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Snapchat and many others.

Everyone needs a little alone time every once in a while. Luckily, with the current situation, it is easier than ever to take a break from a busy schedule and focus on self-care. Most people tend to neglect it, but not only is self-care beneficial for your health, but it is also a way to occupy your time. Start doing yoga, meditating or writing a list of everything you are grateful for and care about. 

Another quarantine activity is cleaning. No, it is not the most fun project on the list of activities, but it is definitely needed. Go through your closet and donate what you no longer need or vacuum to pass the time away. Honestly, if you are really bored, then be productive with your time and clean. You can even call your friends or be with your family at the same time to make the process more fun.

Finally, we are all guilty of saying that we would do something if only we “had more time.” How much more time do you need? You can’t exactly go anywhere and school is more self-paced now. So, really, whatever it is that you would do if you “had more time,” just do it.

Just because we aren’t exactly in the most ideal situation right now doesn’t mean that we should spend our time suffering through it. Have a little fun and try some of these activities.