Tips to Stop Procrastinating


Photo by Shaylee Matthews

Set a time schedule in your calendar to help with procrastination.

During this time of distance learning, it’s even easier to procrastinate on your work. There are many more distractions at home and not as many people keeping you responsible for doing your work. But here are some tips to keep you from procrastinating and getting in trouble with your teachers and parents. 

Tip 1: Set simple, achievable goals. One way to do this is to break your work down into smaller steps. This will make it so the task doesn’t seem as hard or intimidating. And if you still feel like procrastinating, break those steps into even smaller, simpler steps to make you think that it’s so easy and you might as well do it now.

Tip 2: Get rid of distractions. In order not to become sidetracked after you finally started that assignment that’s due tomorrow, turn off that phone so notifications such as Instagram or Snapchat won’t distract you. Or if it’s loud in your house, listen to some classical music or white noise. 

Tip 3: Set deadlines. Make it so those goals you set for Tip 1 have a date you have to complete it by. Also, make it so that if you don’t complete it by that day, it will mess up the rest of your scheduling, so you feel the importance of completing it.

Tip 4: Get a buddy. Work with someone who has the same goals as you, or someone who will hold you accountable for your goal. This will not only make it more fun than working by yourself, but also, keep you motivated to reach your goal.

Tip 5: Get the hard stuff done first. It’s best to do the assignment that you really don’t want to do first. This way you’ll get it over with and the other assignments you have to do will seem easier.

Tip 6: Use incentives. Use those things that you’re doing to procrastinate as a reward instead. Reward yourself with time on social media, an episode of that show you’re watching or anything else you want. This way you’re using the things that distracted you as the thing that motivates you.

Tip 7: Stop overcomplicating things. There will never be that perfect time to start working, so stop waiting for it. You just have to buckle down and do it. You won’t get anything done if all you do is plan to do something and wait for that perfect time. Moreover, don’t focus on doing it perfectly. This adds pressure and makes that assignment seem impossible to complete. Instead, “strive for excellence, creating excellence or setting yourself up with excellent conditions, but at the same time, focus on getting the job done,” said