New In-N-Out, Worth it or Not?

Isabella Duron, Reporter

Construction is now underway to bring Yorba Linda a new In-N-Out Burger location; but does Yorba Linda really need another one? While some residents are very excited to have one within walking distance of their homes and workplaces, I for one am not. Sure at first I thought it was a great idea since the In-N-Out will bring new jobs to the area but with that comes more traffic and congestion to our already very congested city. The iconic restaurant will be located on Imperial Highway in between Lemon and Olinda Street. Two heavily congested streets spill out onto Imperial Highway and delay traffic for miles. Our once quaint small town is losing its charm with all the new expansion. What once was a short commute from one side of the city to the other now takes twice as long as the current Town Center traffic makes navigating through the streets a nightmare. Good luck to those who love to walk around downtown Yorba Linda since there are so many more cars speeding around and cutting through Main Street to try and avoid the traffic.

Henry Perry, a 50-year resident, states “Our town doesn’t need another In-N-Out. We don’t need to keep crowding our town till it is busting at the seams.” 

Kayla Lopez, a student at Esperanza, stated “We don’t need another fast-food restaurant. It would be nice to see something different built there.”

Brianna Moreno shared her thoughts stating “There are so many In-N-Outs popping up everywhere, sooner or later it’s going to get old and no one is going to want to eat there anymore.”

So for now we wait as the construction is being completed and soon we will see if going from books to burgers was really worth having thrust in the middle of all the chaos.