9th & 10th Grade Academic Decathlon Students Clean House!


The results are in from the 9th & 10th grade academic decathlon competition that took place in May. The testing was done at Esperanza but the students delivered speeches to judges in person & participated in a team super quiz with other schools at Aliso Niguel HS.
Esperanza earned a total of 37 individual medals, 1st place in team super quiz and 1st place overall team in division two. Congratulations to Mrs. Nguyen and Mrs. Massaglia for all of their time and guidance to lead these students to success. Great job Aztecs, stay Determined!
Here are the 9th and 10th grade students on the team:
Audrey Alexander
Arya Bista
Cynthia Wong
Jack Wachter
Madalynn Martinez
Paola Silva
Shivali Sharma
Thomas Smith
Alex Tumakay (1 medal)
Diya Lane (1 medal)
Annette Byun (2 medals)
Emi Furuichi (2 medals)
Tyler Furuichi (2 medals)
Maraiah Nicole Kinjo (2 medals)
Jayden Maldonado Rojas (2 medals)
Giselle Mendez (3 medals)
Emma Beelner (5 medals including 5th overall individual in honors category)
Matthew Hoang (5 medals including 4th overall individual in honors category)
Sal Johnson (6 medals including 5th overall individual in varsity category)
Samantha Yokote (6 medals including 3rd overall individual in honors category)